To customer who lives foreign country(海外にお住まいのお客様へ)

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Hello everyone.

Thank you for reading Tailor Fukuoka blog.


This time,

I’d like to explain about shipping for

people who living foreign country.


First, we can ship a suit [jacket,coat, shirt and so on]anywhere

when the suit you have ordered is ready.

But shipping cost is differs

depending on your address.

So I recommend to decide budget

include shipping cost if you want us to ship.



Second is about schedule of wearing suit.

Basically, it takes at least 45days or more

to ship from when a suit you have ordered.

↑[It depends on season]


If you have an opportunity to wear a suit,

I recommend to order as soon as possible.


And this month, our suit and jacket, tie,

pocket square is on sale.


Suit and jacket…10% off

Tie, pocket square…20% off

Sample suit, jacket, coat…30~50% off



Would you like to order or purchase in the opportunity??


We’re looking forward to see you.

Thank you.


Tailor Fukuoka Shinjuku store Takeru KATO