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Hello everybody.

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I’m Takeru KATO.

Today, I’m going to explain about our shirt.


TC Cotton50% Polyester50%



The feather is able to do laundry easily.

It’s hard to be wrinkles and tend to be filled with heat.

Rough fabric compare to cotton100%.

Also price is reasonable and this is most useful fabric.


Easy care Cotton100%



The feather is it’s hard to be wrinkles even though fabric material is cotton100%.

Also this is sturdy and able to do laundry easily.

Fabric is soft compare to polyester because of cotton100%.


Cotton 100% (most standard fabric)



The feather is softness. So it’s comfortable to wear.

And cotton is breathable fabric which allows your body to stay dry.

But because of softness, it’s easy to be wrinkles.

If you do laundry, you need to iron carefully.


100 twill yarn cotton100%



This is soft and shiny fabric because yarn is so thin.

Also this is softer than standard cotton 100%.

Most comfortable fabric to wear.

It’ easy to be wrinkles extremely.

I recommend ironing every time.


GIZA cotton 100%



GIZA is a place in Egypt and the cotton

that is grown and harvested in that region is known as GIZA cotton.

One of the high quality cotton, the feather is softness and shining.


Imported fabric



We have a lot f maker’s fabric like Albini, Thomas Mason, Almo and so on.

Most significant point is characteristic design and clear color.

If you like characteristic design, you should choose imported fabric.


In December, our shirt is on sale.

You can purchase our order shirt for reasonable price

when you choose at least 2 shirts.

We are looking forward to see you.

Thank you.

Tailor Fukuoka Shinjuku Takeru KATO